Two world premieres by David Philip Hefti with the Berliner Barock Solisten (June 2023)

On 30 June 2023, Kammerkonzerte Laufen will premiere two works by composer and conductor David Philip Hefti – Fünf Concertini for string orchestra and Vier Momente for flute and string orchestra. Fünf Concertini is dedicated to the Berliner Barock Solisten and, with five micro-concerts for the five principals of a string orchestra, is also a tribute to Antonio Vivaldi; more information about the work can be found here. Vier Momente was commissioned by flutist Philipp Jundt and is a reference to Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 2, more information about the work can be found here.

30. June 2023, Kammerkonzerte Laufen
Berliner Barock Solisten – Philipp Jundt, flute
Willi Zimmermann, violin & conductor
David Philip Hefti, conductor

C. P. E. Bach: Concerto for flute, strings and basso continuo in D minor (Wq 22), cadenzas and interludes between the movements by David Philip Hefti
1. allegro
2. un poco andante
3rd Allegro di molto

Hefti: Fünf Concertini – for string orchestra (world premiere)
1. blendend (violin solo)
2. ätherisch (double bass solo)
3. samtig (viola solo)
4. bittersüss (violin solo)
5. rauschend (violoncello solo)

J. S. Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor (BWV 1067) alternating with Hefti: Vier Momente – for flute and string orchestra (world premiere)
1. Orchestersuite, 1. Ouverture
2. Vier Momente, 1. verspielt
3. Orchestersuite, 2. Rondeau
4. Orchestersuite, 3. Sarabande
5. Vier Momente, 2. verrückt
6. Orchestersuite, 4. Bourrée I & II
7. Vier Momente, 3. verborgen
8. Orchestersuite, 5. Polonaise
9. Vier Momente, 4. verklärt
10. Orchestersuite, 6. Menuett
11. Orchestersuite, 7. Badinerie

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