Opening of “Espace OSM” (January 2019)

On 31 January 2019, the brand new “Espace OSM” will open its doors to the public. Adjoining the Maison symphonique, this new space aligns with the OSM’s ongoing outreach, educational, and socio-recreational mission, marking its 85th anniversary in a truly meaningful way!

The venue will be open before concerts begin, enabling the public to discover the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal and classical music in new ways! The Espace OSM is entirely free of charge, with exhibitions and installations that trace the OSM’s amazing history, providing visitors with the experience of a living, modern and forward-looking orchestra. The Espace OSM is also equipped to host various events and temporary exhibitions, as well as offering additional opportunities to bring the orchestra closer to its public and to different members of the community. Throughout its variously equipped areas, the Espace OSM engages visitors in an OSM experience that transcends the concert hall.

Find here more information on the new Espace OSM.

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