Moritzburg Festival 2015 (March 2015)

For the 22nd time, established and young musicians will meet again in summer 2015 to rehearse and perform chamber music together in a variety of venues – the Baroque Moritzburg castle, the Transparent Factory of Volkswagen in Dresden as well as a hangar of the Elbe aircraft factory Dresden.

This year, artistic director and cellist Jan Vogler puts special emphasis on the issue of tolerance – not only in the light of the Dresden „Pegida“ demonstrations during the last months, but also of his call for defense of the humanist heritage from last autumn.

Matthias Pintscher, one of today’s most renowned composers, will be the 2015  composer-in-residence; three of his works – one of them a world premiere – will be performed during the festival. Furthermore, musicians such as violinists Henning Kraggerud and Mira Wang, violist Lawrence Power, cellist Johannes Moser, pianists Lise de la Salle and Francesco Piemontesi, or horn player Felix Klieser will follow the invitation to the Saxon idyll.

For the 10th time this year, 37 music students from around the world will form the Moritzburg Festival Orchestra to rehearse and perform orchestral works and chamber music – this year under the direction of Milan Turković. Among the festival opening concert, they will be present at the Young Euro Classic festival in the Berlin Konzerthaus on 17 August.

One musical focus of this year’s festival program ( will be on the groundbreaking impact Ludwig van Beethoven had on chamber music evolution in the 19th century. Beethoven was a great admirer of the ideals of the French Revolution, and by developing a new freedom in his music, he became a key pioneer of romanticism in Central Europe.

You can download the programm as a pdf HERE.

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