Jan Vogler: Moritzburg Festival Finale on 26 August (August 2018)

On 26 August, the 26th Moritzburg Festival ended with a brilliant final in the church of Moritzburg: persistent applause and standing ovations after Mendelssohns string octet op. 20, the traditional final piece. The Artistic director Jan Vogler sums up:
g’s exceptional audience inspired artists from all over the world and highly motivated us musicians. What unique atmospheres at the concerts and a wonderful dialogue between music, nature and architecture. ”

Over the past two weeks, international soloists such as Nils Mönkemeyer, Narek Hakhnazaryan, Avi Avital, Mira Wang, Arnaud Sussmann, Olli Mustonen, Pauline Sachse, Paul Huang, Jan Vogler, Yeree Suh, Richard O’Neill and Alexander Sitkovetsky have been working on dynamic chamber ensembles.

The short, multi-faceted compositions by Dai Fujikura, Composer-in-Residence 2018, set exciting contrasts.

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