Dreamstage – New Premium Ticketed Live Performance Video Streaming Platform with Jan Vogler, among others (July 2020)

DREAMSTAGE unveiled at dreamstage.live

New Premium Ticketed Live Performance Video Streaming Platform

Launch on August 22, 2020

Box Office Opens on July 30, 2020

Virtual Stages Across All Musical Genres – Most Advanced Audience and Artist Experience in the Industry – Launching with Schedule of Over 30 Live Events Featuring Leading Classical, World Music and Jazz Artists Including Pape Diouf, Hélène Grimaud, Ute Lemper, Gil Shaham and Jan Vogler – Top Artists Across All Genres Coming Later in the Year – Founded by Three Industry Leaders as Response to the COVID-19 PandemicNew York, New York – July 30, 2020 – The livelihoods of musicians worldwide have been disrupted and incomes shattered by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. DREAMSTAGE is the next generation premium ticketed live performance audio/video platform and a dynamic solution for musicians of all genres, both iconic and up-and-coming, allowing them to connect with their audiences and monetize their performances as never before.


Dreamstage’s box office opens today at www.dreamstage.live with the first live event on August 22, 2020 featuring world renowned pianist Hélène Grimaud and cellist Jan Vogler. Daily concerts of musicians of all generations will include world music star Pape Diouf, musical and chanson singer Ute Lemper, renowned violinist Gil Shaham, and many others. For a complete event line-up visit the box office at dreamstage.live.

DREAMSTAGE is in advanced conversations with many of the world’s top popular artists of all genres, to bring magical high-quality performances to their fans that have waited for months, especially where tours have been recently cancelled.

DREAMSTAGE’s whimsical design approximates a real live event with a virtual box office, front door entrance for the audience, artists’ entrance and post-performance green room. The audience is taken to a diverse universe of virtual concert halls for different genres and occasions created by world class designers. A fully integrated experience awaits both audiences and artists with social media integration, chat, applause, emojis and many more functions to come.

DREAMSTAGE was born from a collective vision by three founders passionately dedicated to seeing that musicians are able to deliver to their audiences the highest quality artist-produced live performances, to be experienced on a high-definition streaming  platform, with an iconic design and interactivity. The co-founders are leaders in their respective industries meeting at the nexus of performing arts, entertainment, technology and entrepreneurship: Thomas Hesse, CEO; Jan Vogler, Artistic Director; and Scott Chasin, Chief Technology Officer.

Thomas Hesse, CEO and Co-Founder: “Musicians of all genres have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. We offer artists the opportunity to return to performing, reconnect with their audience, and making money now – with an exciting long-term perspective. And best of all, it is truly live, capturing the spirit of the moment.”

DREAMSTAGE will never present previously recorded events. It is all about the “Live” experience, creating must-see, appointment-based and newsworthy events where artists and viewers can truly interact. The economics for artists are highly attractive, allowing for large audiences, high revenue share, and significantly lower cost than in-person tours despite high production value. It also gives artists ownership over their relationships with their ticket buying fans.

DREAMSTAGE is here for the long term and will continue to evolve and delight growing audiences with ever richer features and interactivity. The DREAMSTAGE platform opens up many creative possibilities for artists performing from locations anywhere in the world to audiences everywhere.

Premium User Experience

Scott Chasin, CTO and Co-Founder: “It’s exciting to be on the forefront of building a massively scalable live stream ticketing platform which innovates both the artist and audience experience. We have a roadmap and a blueprint for converging technologies to evolve our platform for years.”

DREAMSTAGE addresses many of the issues with concert streaming today and will create a premium experience for audiences and artists alike. Although DREAMSTAGE will be available on mobile devices and PCs, the major focus is on the lean-back TV experience for enjoyment in living rooms and on home theaters via Apple TV and subsequently via Roku and other TV platforms.

The ticket buying experience is quick and convenient, accepting all major credit cards and Apple Pay. Concert events will be produced with high production values. The platform is built for low latency and displays high quality audio/video streams in high definition.

Geared to the Needs of Artists

Jan Vogler, Artistic Director and Co-Founder: “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us the need to adapt the technology of the 21st century in the field of live performance. I am excited to contribute to a new venture that will benefit both my fellow musicians and our worldwide audiences.”

DREAMSTAGE launches with its “DREAMSTAGE Presents” program, which supports select artists to realize their creative visions of any size and scope from studios to remote locations. The initial goal is to help fill the void created by cancelled tours with delightful event performances from amazing artists.

“Powered by DREAMSTAGE” is a self-service program to be launched in fall 2020 that will open up DREAMSTAGE’s high-quality platform to any artist or group, up-and-coming or established.

DREAMSTAGE is also building a bridge to reopen for live venues. Venue partners can use DREAMSTAGE to present ticketed shows now, and reach larger global audiences through simultaneous broadcasting (simulcast) as patrons return to their halls in person.


About the Founders

Thomas Hesse, CEO, is the former President of SONY MUSIC for Global Digital Business and US Sales/Distribution where he drove the transformation of the recorded music model to streaming. He brings three decades of entertainment industry management experience which also included co-founding VEVO and serving as Chief Digital Officer of Bertelsmann.

Jan Vogler, Artistic Director, is the consummate artist entrepreneur performing in the world’s greatest concert halls and is one of the leading international cellists in the world. He also performs with artists such as Eric Clapton and Bill Murray along with serving as the director of the multi-genre internationally renowned Dresden Music Festival since 2009.

Scott Chasin, CTO, is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who has founded and successfully exited several venture-backed startups including most recently ProtectWise, a network security platform acquired by Verizon in 2019 and MX Logic, an email security SaaS service acquired by McAfee in 2010 where he served as CTO prior to its acquisition by Intel.

For more information, please visit www.dreamstage.live

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