Omer Meir Wellber at the Santa Maria dello Spasimo (September 2021)

Omer Meir Wellber will present a special program on 6 September at 9:30 pm in the unfinished church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo, as part of the summer of Teatro Massimo in Palermo. Together with Ruggiero Mascellino (accordion and composer) and Vito Giordano (flugelhorn), Omer Meir Wellber himself on the piano and accordion will perform works by Mascellino, Grieg, Piazzolla, Kusturica, Giordano and Shalaev.

The concert at a glance:

6. September, Palermo, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Mascellino: Atlantis, Pensieri
Grieg: Danza di Anitra
Piazzolla: Invierno Porteño, Verano Porteño
Mascellino: Rêve
Kusturica: Folklore Suite, songs from the Balkans, Valzers
Giordano: September Again, New Things of Love
Shalaev: Melody of the Volga
Mascellino: Arabian Jazz
Omer Meir Wellber – piano / accordion
Ruggiero Mascellino – accordion
Vito Giordano – flugelhorn

For more information about the concert, click here.


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