Max Volbers’ Debut CD “Whispers of Tradition” (September 2022)

With his debut CD Whispers of Tradition on GENUIN, recorder player Max Volbers presents “a stylistically varied program with two concertos, a world premiere, music with variable continuo instruments, and consort music. These are either paraphrases, series of variations, arrangements, pasticcios, etc. of my own – or, as in the case of the Dieupart suite, they are arranged by the composer himself for the recorder. Thanos Sakellaridis wrote the piece “Please enter the Underground” for Elisabeth and myself. What unites all the pieces is the joy of discovery and the desire to create new repertoire for the recorder.”

Along with 11 musicians and with a total of 26 different instruments, including various recorders, archlute, harpsichord, violin, viola da gamba, the winner of the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb 2021 Max Volbers, who studied with Dorothee Oberlinger among others, explores the wide range of the recorder repertoire and shows “in how many different types of ensembles the recorder can be used, and also the roles that it plays in them“.

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