Max Volber’s new CD “Scenes of Horror” (February 2024)

In 2023, Max Volbers was awarded the OPUS KLASSIK 2023 in the Young Artist of the Year category for his debut CD “Whispers of Tradition”.

“For the concerto and consort pieces, Volbers invited like-minded colleagues, and solo he delivers circus-ready virtuoso artistry. The joyful way his legato playing in the Purcell Variations transforms into glissando, with all the intermediate stages, is the height of mastery.” – Eleonore Büning (RONDO)

On February 9, his next CD “Scenes of Horror” will be released on the Perfect Noise label with soprano Laila Salome Fischer and the ensemble Il Giratempo under Max Volbers’ direction.

Find out more about the CD “Whispers of Tradition” on GENUIN in the following video:

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